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Kinder Cloth Diaper Co.

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About Kinder Cloth Diaper Co.
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Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kinder is a small, husband and wife owned business specializing in modern, one size cloth diapers and diapering accessories. Founded in February of 2021, Kinder grew out of owner and new mom Krystal's passion for beautiful design. A professionally trained graphic designer, she saw modern cloth diapers as yet another canvas for her designs. Today, Krystal designs some of the prints featured on our products, but we also have the privilege of licensing artwork from independent designers and illustrators around the world to bring you truly unique prints and products. In addition to beautiful design, Kinder is also passionate about community. We are active members of the Cloth Diaper Industry association where, together with other cloth industry leaders, we work to make cloth mainstream. Kinder is open to working with retailers to craft exclusive print collections upon request. Min qty as low as 30.

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