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Mary Michael

Small Business Owner of
Crocheted Obsession

Grandma Mary spends her time fueling her crocheting habit when not spending time with her grandchildren. Over time she’s accumulated so much yarn Papa Pat, her husband, built a large shelf specifically for her yarn supplies as her “yarn sack” wasn’t going to do the job any longer. 
His thought was with a filled shelf her yarn purchases would slow… Papa Pat was, of course, wrong. The shelves are over flowing and she would like her creations to go to a home that loves them as much as she lol does creating them.


Melissa Patrick

Small Businesses Owner of
The Patrick Pack

A mom of 3 littles under age 2,  a USAFR veteran, and currently studying education. She keeps her cup full and enjoys it over flowing. She worked in the food & service industry, and practiced medicine inside civilian and military hospitals, has flown to many countries and islands as an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician, and now is on a journey of learning about child development and how education impacts us for life. While studying little ones, she has had growing interest and respect for the Montessori and Waldorf methods which support the benefits of child-led play and development. And since has been inspired to start this company as my next chapter in life because there isn’t enough companies that provide quality handmade wooden toys at an affordable price. Melissa is here to show you what the other companies won’t.


Kayla Redmond

Small Business Owner of
Kayla’s Kitchen Spices

Kayla loves that she gets to share her passion for cooking with all of you! She first started making her own taco blend. She and her family do a lot of camping, which means lots of walking tacos and crunch wraps. So, she decided to mix her own taco blend and before she knew it, friends and family were asking where she got it. She found she rather enjoyed putting her own blends together and for Christmas she decided to make gift sets with Taco and Italian blends. Now, she has 7 different varieties available, offer seasonal releases, and gift sets!


Patrick Michael

Small Business Owner of 
Pat’s This & Thats

Pat has watch his wife Mary handcraft many items for our website and craft shows. He finally felt the same draw she has to create. Sticking true to his small business name “Pat’s this and that” Pat is currently creating a variety of different products that will be displayed later next year. While he’s busy creating he has also partnered with his sister-in-law, Carolyn. Pat helps fund and pick out fabrics for Carolyn’s hobby of hand and machine stitching bowl cozies and scrunchies.

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